HBT Digital Consulting - Burger King Horror Story

Burger King’s Rotten Meat – A Digital Marketing Horror Story

Have you seen the recent image of a rotten Whopper, with mold and fungus growing out of the bun, meat,...

Top Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Consultant

Top Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Consultant

Welcome to HBT Digital Consulting, your business’ right-hand digital marketing pro! We help small to medium-sized businesses with the projects...

HBT Digital - How to Market to Millennial Women

How to Market to Millennial Women

Meredith, a female-centric media conglomerate, released a study recently that was designed to help marketers understand the buying behavior and...

RJ Huebert on The Prospecting Show

RJ Huebert’s Appearance on The Prospecting Show

Recently, RJ Huebert, managing principal at HBT Digital Consulting, recorded a podcast for The Prospecting Show. On this episode, RJ...

HBT Digital Discusses Google Optimize

Google Optimize

Getting traffic to your website is tough enough, but how can you convert more visitors to leads? Try A/B testing...

HBT Digital - Facebook Insights

2020 Facebook Insights for Businesses

Facebook, the social media behemoth beloved by digital marketers, has a market cap of $592.56 billion as of early January...

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