HBT Digital Consulting Provides Essential Digital Marketing Services

Modern companies understand that the days of pitching a product, making a sale, and moving on to the next customer are long gone. Present-day consumers expect more from the businesses they choose to frequent, and it takes a strong and consistent online presence to stay relevant and memorable — especially when competing with online marketplaces. If you want to keep eyes on your products and services, you’ll need to get creative. You’ll also need to establish your brand as one of the go-to companies in your market, a credibility you’ll undoubtedly gain by implementing a smart marketing strategy.

With customers looking to do business with companies that are both credible and personable, digital marketing is more important than ever, and how your brand leverages it will determine how successfully your campaigns will convert to sales. Luckily, HBT Digital Consulting can provide those necessary, but sometimes overwhelming, digital marketing services for you.

What Digital Marketing Services Do We Offer?

A number of services fall under the broad umbrella of “digital marketing,” and each of them is important when it comes to getting your brand out there, as well as building relationships with consumers. Of course, depending on your target market, certain strategies will prove more fruitful than others. HBT Digital Consulting can help pinpoint which digital marketing services will work best for your specific brand, and then we can assist in leveraging those strategies to gain the best results possible.

Here are some of the areas we can help you with:

Website Design

It’s crucial that brands have a website in order to gain credibility among consumers. If a potential buyer does a Google search for your company and comes up blank, they might not feel comfortable doing business with you — especially if there are other options with better online presences. Just having a website won’t cut it either; your internet home needs to look polished and professional, be optimized for mobile, and it needs to be easy to navigate. Web design isn’t intuitive, however, so brands often turn to someone who knows how to build an effective and functional site. That’s where we come in.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Once you’ve got your website taken care of, your company will need to follow SEO best practices to ensure it ranks highly on Google’s search engine. There are many metrics Google takes into account when deciding where your brand’s website and content will rank, and the measurements for scoring content are constantly evolving. Optimizing SEO can be a time-consuming task, and it’s one that’s difficult to accomplish without prior SEO experience. For this reason, taking advantage of experts who keep up with all the latest SEO requirements may be in a company’s best interests.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Services

SEO may get eyes on your content, but SEM ensures that companies are getting the most out of their paid advertising strategies. This can include advertising on Google and Bing, and doing “search,” “display,” “video,” or “product shopping” ads. Increasing visibility through ad placement, audience targeting, and similar strategies will ensure your company isn’t wasting money on advertising, but rather, profiting from it.

Social Media Marketing

Juggling all of the social media platforms out there alongside running a business is nearly impossible — and that’s without becoming an expert in advertising with each one. HBT Digital Consulting can help pinpoint which platforms your audience is using and then assist in running effective paid campaigns on those websites. The platforms HBT specializes in include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Reddit. Once we’ve determined which of these your company would benefit from investing in, we’ll get to work running ads that will help boost your bottom line.

Social Media Management

A brand’s social media serves a purpose beyond advertising. These platforms are often a means of keeping in touch with customers, allowing a company’s followers to engage with their content. If your brand wants to make an impact, it will have to provide top-tier social media content. HBT can create and manage that content for you so that you can focus fully on running your business.

Email Marketing

Much like social media serves as a means of engaging clients, so does email marketing. Email marketing campaigns can be an effective way of informing your customers of company updates, announcing new product launches, providing further information about your services, and personalizing the sales experience. HBT can help determine which email campaigns will be successful in converting sales.

What Types of Companies Do We Serve?

It’s tempting to think that only certain types of companies need to worry about digital marketing, but we subscribe to the belief that all brands benefit from a top-notch online presence. Whether you’re a legal firm, non-profit, medical provider, or something else entirely, your clients will appreciate the work you’re putting in to keep them informed and engaged — and that trust will lead to a consumer loyalty that’s well worth the effort.

Why Work With an Expert?

If it wasn’t obvious from the list above, mastering the art of digital marketing requires time, practice, and the ability to wear a lot of hats. Business owners and managers often don’t have the bandwidth to spare on such things, but experts in these fields can make easy work of providing these digital marketing services. Consulting an expert won’t just save you time, but it could also save you money and frustration, since you won’t have to go through the trial-and-error period of learning how to promote your company online.So what are you waiting for? Let’s get to work on making your company’s online presence the best it can be. Contact HBT Digital Consulting to learn more.

RJ Huebert
RJ Huebert is the founder and managing principal of HBT Digital Consulting, a Pittsburgh-based business. A digital marketing professional, he specializes in search engine and social media marketing for B-to-C companies looking for lead generation and online optimization. He is also the co-race director for three Tampa Bay 5K events called The Great Mother’s Day Race, The Great Father’s Day Race, and The Great Gay 5K. The races have had over 12,000 participants and have raised over $7,000 for local charities since 2012. Previously, RJ was the marketing director for a world-wide market research firm, and has held management roles in verticals including healthcare, banking, and for-profit education. Helping local business succeed online is his daily passion, launching 5K events gives him joy, and contributing to the Pittsburgh business scene inspires him. RJ earned his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Pittsburgh and Master of Arts from the University of South Florida, focusing on Strategic Communication Management. Currently, he sits on the American Marketing Association Board of Directors - Pittsburgh Chapter. He resides in Pittsburgh, PA with his wife Taylor, chocolate Lab Coco, and a Jack Russel Terrier named Rosie.