How to Market to Millennial Women


Meredith, a female-centric media conglomerate, released a study recently that was designed to help marketers understand the buying behavior and decision-making processes of women. Below, I’ve taken a few key points that stand out; I believe that they might help with targeted marketing efforts. As with anything, relevancy, creative, copy, and calls-to-action should be well thought out for your digital marketing campaigns prior to launch. Always A/B test your creative too, and be ready to switch something up if you’re not getting results. Let’s take a look now at the study results for “How to Market to Millennial Women.

Study takeaways that stood out include:

  • Device used to regularly access the internet: laptop (81%), smart phone (80%), desktop (49%), and tablet (48%)

Takeaway: Make sure your website is mobile optimized. I generally advise businesses to use WordPress for many reasons, including ease-of-use, great support articles/videos, and for unique plugins (Ex. Mailchimp, Facebook, photo albums, etc.). Depending on the WordPress Theme (the “look” of your site), it’s easy to preview the desktop, mobile, and tablet versions of your site before publishing it “live.”

  • Most likely to share: personal photos (65%), funny things (60%), news stories (32%), product/service recommendations (26%), and educational info (22%)

Takeaway: When you start building your business’ online community (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), try to develop relationships with your core customers. You can “like” or comment on their posts, or even direct message them for more personalized communication. Seek out, or ask individuals, to share personal photos or videos of them using your product or service. Share these with your community; their product showcase is real, and will resonate with people.

  • 80% of females think about beauty (hair care, cosmetics, and skin care)

Takeaway: Beauty – it is top of mind for females (according to the study). How can you incorporate this nugget with your marketing (when/where it makes sense)?

  • 75% try a beauty product based on a recommendation

Takeaway: Request and share product testimonials from your customers. Provide links to where they can easily post their review. Google My Business and Facebook reviews show up in Google searches, so if you can get your core customers to post glowing reviews on those sites, it will go a long way!

  • 38% search for reviews online before shopping

Takeaway: Solicit reviews on your social media posts, or even include messaging with your product asking the person for a review on your social media channels. Make sure to make it easy for them: provide a hashtag and the URL where you want the person to go to.

  • What can marketers be doing to reach Millennials?
    • Join Her Social Circle
      • Become a part of the magazines she’s reading, coupons she’s scanning on her smartphone or posts she’s sharing on social sites and apps
    • Keep It Simple
      • Anything complicated won’t work. She needs to see it and get it immediately – she won’t take the time to try and understand what you are trying to communicate.

We hope this provides some key insights for you when marketing to millennial women. If you ever have a strategy question, or would like to kick around digital marketing ideas, please don’t hesitate to reach out via our Contact page or by emailing RJ Huebert.

RJ Huebert
RJ Huebert is the founder and managing principal of HBT Digital Consulting, a Pittsburgh-based business. A digital marketing professional, he specializes in search engine and social media marketing for B-to-C companies looking for lead generation and online optimization. He is also the co-race director for three Tampa Bay 5K events called The Great Mother’s Day Race, The Great Father’s Day Race, and The Great Gay 5K. The races have had over 12,000 participants and have raised over $7,000 for local charities since 2012. Previously, RJ was the marketing director for a world-wide market research firm, and has held management roles in verticals including healthcare, banking, and for-profit education. Helping local business succeed online is his daily passion, launching 5K events gives him joy, and contributing to the Pittsburgh business scene inspires him. RJ earned his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Pittsburgh and Master of Arts from the University of South Florida, focusing on Strategic Communication Management. Currently, he sits on the American Marketing Association Board of Directors - Pittsburgh Chapter. He resides in Pittsburgh, PA with his wife Taylor, chocolate Lab Coco, and a Jack Russel Terrier named Rosie.