Labor Day Weekend: A Great Time for Deals


Labor Day weekend is a time to relax, appreciate the United States workforce, spend time with family and friends, and of course, do some shopping! Companies promote themselves across different platforms, but digital platforms take priority this holiday weekend. Businesses are taking this holiday weekend and utilizing it to promote sales and limited-time opportunities they are offering. This is mainly done through social media platforms and ad placement. Companies are also updating their websites to attract deal-desiring customers. It’s a great time to get more leads and sales since people are looking for deals anyway. Here are ads and updates from brands who are doing this weekend right. 

Some of Our Favorites

Bed Bath & Beyond updated its website presence to strategically represent the Labor Day sales event happening this weekend. The brand created a hero banner to showcase the great savings on specific areas around the store and website. People will pay attention when they see a 60% off sign. 10%? Not so much. By using a large font that is bold and eye-catching colors, you can easily grab someone’s attention. The little details make a big difference!

Nectar Sleep is a business that sells mattresses and other things that make for a great night’s sleep. For Labor Day weekend, the brand uses Facebook ads to demonstrate the quality of the mattresses it sells. The ad includes the value of the deal, as well as a one-year trial option and free shipping/returns. The brand gets all the details out with the use of emojis (who doesn’t love emojis?😃) and short, quick-hitting words. On Facebook, brands can customize their ads to reach certain demographics and interests of users. With Facebook also being the most popular social media platform, it’s one of the best routes to go for social media marketing. 

When searching for Labor Day deals, frequent shoppers will usually notice who ranks at the top of the search engine. Brands must have great deals going on since they paid their way up to the top of a Google search. For you advertisers out there, it’s honestly a great way to go. You’re first under the search bar! Google Ads allows advertisers to take advantage of holidays by posting sales and time-sensitive deals. With Google Ads, you have the ability to start and stop a promotion with a few clicks of a button. By doing this, you won’t accidentally promote a sale after the fact.

Creating specialized digital marketing advertisements during Labor Day weekend is a must for any brand that can offer amazing deals to its audience. Being able to execute these ads to where the audience can reach it and show interest is also important. People are expecting a deal or a sale, so give the people what they want! We hope that you have the most epic weekend… Here’s to America!

Marina Misitano
Marina Misitano is a content creator/blogger for HBT Digital. She is a recent graduate of Saint Francis University, located in Loretto, PA. She holds a Bachelor's degree in digital media and strategic communications.