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HBT Digital Consulting is a Pittsburgh marketing agency that focuses on digital marketing and lead generation. RJ Huebert, managing principal of HBT Digital, helps his clients by specializing in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and social media advertising. The HBT Digital mission is to Help Businesses Thrive!

Digital marketing agencies work with businesses on optimizing their digital identity, creating lead generation campaigns, and managing online advertising. Any prospective client of ours may need a digital marketing professional to assist in creating marketing campaigns and strategies. We work with companies in many different industries, including credit unions, tech firms, law firms, industrial, manufacturing, and e-commerce.

Recent Projects

Below are some snapshots of recent client projects:

Lawrence County Learning Center

  • Created a Brand Story
Vision and Mission Statements.
  • Created a New Logo 
Lawrence County Learning Center logo.
  • Received the Google Ad Grant

Financial Partners Credit Union

  • Facebook and Google Ads Promotion – Mortgages
Example Facebook Ad.

Pittsburgh Marketing Agency Case Studies

We have new case studies on search engine marketing and social media advertising available on our website. These case studies outline exactly what we do for our clients. They also include goals they may have, our solutions, and the ultimate outcomes of the strategies.

Wendaur Law Firm

Law Firm Case Study from HBT Digital, a Pittsburgh Marketing Agency.

One goal for Wendaur Law Firm was to show up first when somebody searches for the firm’s specializations. We noticed that there was opportunity for the firm to dominate its markets in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Lancaster. We then decided to use Google Ads to increase traffic. The result? Over 126,000 impressions and an 18.65% conversion rate!

Children’s Flight of Hope

Pittsburgh Marketing Agency Case Study.

Children’s Flight of Hope hosts an annual beer event in Raleigh, NC. In order to promote the event, we used Facebook and Instagram ads. The ads reached over 23,000 people. There were over 500 attendees at the event, as well as over $160,000 raised! This was a smashing success for the nonprofit.

Financial Partners Credit Union

Search Engine Marketing Case Study.

First, we looked at Financial Partners Credit Union (FPCU)’s goals. FPCU wanted to focus on selling more auto refinance loans. After that, we decided to use Google Ads to drive search traffic to an FCPU landing page. By using keywords, such as “auto refinance” and “refinance my car loan,” we were able to drive 6,707 impressions and 440 clicks.

EPIC Software Development

Social Media Advertising Case Study.

EPIC Software Development had already been using search engine marketing, but the company wanted to see if Facebook Ads could help them even more. We prepared a detailed Facebook strategy using Facebook Ads. EPIC ended up with seven Facebook leads at $146 per lead and 246 clicks costing $4.16 each. Pretty EPIC stuff!

August is also the last month of our internal “Summer of Leads” campaign, and we can help your business with strategy and online digital advertising! Contact us today if you need help generating leads or creating a new digital marketing plan. It’s time to get your strategy right with a Pittsburgh marketing agency!

Marina Misitano
Marina Misitano is a content creator/blogger for HBT Digital. She is a recent graduate of Saint Francis University, located in Loretto, PA. She holds a Bachelor's degree in digital media and strategic communications.