Super Bowl Advertising

The Super Bowl is easily one of the most marketing-driven events in America. Some may gather to watch the game, but many times, people who don’t watch football still gather to see the creative commercials shown throughout the night. Super Bowl advertising is an event in itself. It’s almost considered a tradition in college marketing classes to make sure you watch the big game (because of the marketing conversation the commercials bring). Keep reading to learn about why the Super Bowl is the perfect place and time for businesses to market their brands.

Why Advertise During the Big Game?

One great reason that businesses market during the Super Bowl is the high viewership. Last year, an estimated 91.6 million people viewed the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is known for having some of the most heartfelt, humorous, and entertaining commercials on television. This is often what people look forward to during the game (besides the game)! The brand awareness that comes from these commercials gives companies reassurance as to why television is a good place for advertisement because the reach and impressions are phenomenal.

Cool 2022 Commercials

General Motors 

The 2022 General Motors Super Bowl commercial is quite funny, as it features Austin Powers’ Dr. Evil, Frau Farbissina, and other key characters. The use of celebrity endorsement and humor from the 1997 movie brings all generations together, not to mention the storyline of Dr. Evil’s plan to beat climate change as the no.1 threat to the world. Click the video below to watch. 

Sam’s Club’s Big Debut

Sam’s Club plans to make its debut in the Super Bowl with a commercial featuring another celebrity, Kevin Hart. In the commercial, Hart displays the new “Scan and Go” option the store has available and how he is a “VIP” since he is using it. Celebrity endorsement is a great way to engage an audience. These individuals usually promote the content on their social media channels; Hart’s Instagram alone has over 136 million followers! 

What Can Your Business Do During Super Bowl Week?

Sales During Super Bowl Week

Customers always look for a great sale. Why not give them something to look forward to with your company during this important week? If you want to bring in some first-time customers or close some leads, a sale is a great idea. You can make the sale centered around football, the two teams playing in the big game, or even the commercials shown during. Just be careful using the phrase “super bowl” during the advertisement!

Hashtags Are Your Friend

Make your content easily accessible to those looking at Super Bowl content on social media platforms. Hashtags bring together ideas and make it easier for customers to view these ideas. Hashtags like #SuperBowlLVI and #SuperBowlChamps are examples of trending hashtags for Super Bowl 56.

Engage With Fan Bases Using Targeted Audiences 

Using these trending hashtags, learn to engage with these fan bases. Fanbase is a lifestyle in football. These are the people who really care to see content about their favorite teams and plays from the game. You can even target individuals on Facebook that have interests in football, the Super Bowl, and even the Bengals or Rams. On Google Ads, for Display and YouTube, you can target people who have searched for specific players or teams. It’s a great way to get your ad in front of the right audience!

Create Team-Based Videos/Content

It can be a good idea to create videos/content centered around the teams and/or fans and tie it into your business. If you’re rooting for the Bengals this year, create some video content using an orange and black color scheme to market your sale this week. If you’re a Rams fan, a royal blue and gold digital digital poster might draw some attention! Showing you’re interested in the game can be appealing to your target audience.

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Marina Misitano
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