What Does a Digital Marketing Company Do?

What exactly does a digital marketing company do? That’s a great question! Here at HBT Digital Consulting, we’ve heard the questions, and below we explain in detail who we are and what we do. See more about HBT Digital here.

What is HBT Digital Consulting?

HBT Digital Consulting is a digital marketing company based in Pittsburgh, PA. We launched the LLC in February 2019. The name HBT is a play on RJ Huebert’s last name.

What does a digital marketing company do?

A digital marketing company works with businesses on optimizing their digital identity, creating lead generation campaigns, and managing online advertising. Tracking and performance attribution is also a main focus – we need marketing stats to make informed decisions. This is done by placing marketing pixels (html code) on the back-end of a website.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation, also known as demand generation, is the act of creating a marketing campaign with the goal of attracting a specific audience to call the business, fill out an online lead form, make an online sale, or direct a person to a specific location (i.e. a business).

What company is a good candidate for HBT Digital Consulting?

A good candidate for digital marketing is a company that is established in the marketplace, has revenue, and is looking to scale leads or sales. 

The prospective company may need a digital marketing professional to assist with strategy, or to help build marketing campaigns that attract new customers.

What services does HBT Digital Consulting offer?

HBT Digital Consulting focuses exclusively on search engine marketing and social media advertising.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can include advertising on Google or Bing’s search engine results page, or on their properties. An example of search engine ads are “search,” “display,” “product shopping,” or “YouTube” ads.

Social Media Advertising includes advertising on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Is that all HBT Digital does?

No, but that’s our number one priority, and the “best” way to start generating immediate leads for a business. HBT Digital Consulting also helps organizations with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), blogging, social media management, email marketing, and automation. During a discovery call with prospects, HBT Digital will try to understand what the business hopes to accomplish.

What’s it like to work with HBT Digital Consulting?

Prepare for the best digital marketing service you’ve ever experienced!

We’ll have an initial call to discuss your business, goals, and what you’re currently doing for digital marketing. Then, HBT Digital will put together a custom monthly marketing plan for your business. Together we’ll review the plan, make any necessary adjustments, and then agree on the strategy.

After, HBT Digital will start to build out all of the campaigns by marketing channel (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Google). The client will have a final say before the campaigns are launched.

Following the approved launch, HBT Digital will review the campaigns on an on-going basis, and make performance adjustments as needed.

Once the month is over, the client and HBT Digital will meet virtually to discuss campaign performance, conversions, and make changes if necessary.

What kind of companies do you work with?

HBT Digital works with law firms, credit unions, e-commerce, manufacturing, industrial, and technology firms.

How do I get started?
HBT Digital, a small but powerful digital marketing company, only chooses to work with the right businesses at the right time. If you think your business would make a great fit, please contact us here.

RJ Huebert
RJ Huebert is the founder and managing principal of HBT Digital Consulting, a Pittsburgh-based business. A digital marketing professional, he specializes in search engine and social media marketing for B-to-C companies looking for lead generation and online optimization. He is also the co-race director for three Tampa Bay 5K events called The Great Mother’s Day Race, The Great Father’s Day Race, and The Great Gay 5K. The races have had over 12,000 participants and have raised over $7,000 for local charities since 2012. Previously, RJ was the marketing director for a world-wide market research firm, and has held management roles in verticals including healthcare, banking, and for-profit education. Helping local business succeed online is his daily passion, launching 5K events gives him joy, and contributing to the Pittsburgh business scene inspires him. RJ earned his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Pittsburgh and Master of Arts from the University of South Florida, focusing on Strategic Communication Management. Currently, he sits on the American Marketing Association Board of Directors - Pittsburgh Chapter. He resides in Pittsburgh, PA with his wife Taylor, chocolate Lab Coco, and a Jack Russel Terrier named Rosie.