Digital Marketing: Pride Month Edition!

HBT Digital supports the LGBT+ Community. We stand by the fight of equal access to opportunities and resources for those in the LGBT+ community. We actively promote a 5K race in Tampa Bay called The Great Gay 5K, and raise money for METRO, an LGBT+ clinic. HBT Digital wants to see pro-LGBT+ businesses not only survive, but thrive. Pride month is a great time for you to create a digital marketing campaign for your business. See below for a few ideas on how we’d go about creating a custom digital marketing plan for Pride month!

Our first tip for businesses looking to create a great digital marketing plan is for them to know their goals and what they want to accomplish. They’ll definitely want to use awesome photos, videos, and copy that moves people to action. Finally, look to create a strong call-to-action and an epic landing page.

Pick a Campaign for Your Goals

Facebook Ads gives you the option to choose what your campaign objective is. Whether it’s to promote brand awareness to people who are most likely to pay attention to the campaign, or to reach the maximum number of people in your target audience, choosing one of these is important.

Create Facebook Ads Targeting LGBT+ Interests 

When someone wants to learn more about Pride month and the LGBT+ community, they will search specific search queries. These could include genderqueer, LGBT+ community, or social equity. Using this feature, your campaign will show up to those searching these terms.

Create a YouTube Campaign With a Custom Audience 

YouTube is a great outlet for the businesses that create compelling video content that viewers want to see. Ads on YouTube are used to be an engaging form of communication to viewers based on topics of interest. One epic thing you can do with your audience selection is create a custom audience! Custom audiences are great because you can pinpoint who sees your campaign. Your work won’t go to waste because it’ll be directly shown to your preferred audience.

You can target people with any of these interests, people who searched for any of these terms on Google, or even people who browse LGBT+ websites and blogs. Check out this site that has a listing of the top LGBT+ websites.

Brand Support During Pride Month

Tight-knit communities, like the LGBT+ community, tend to support brands that support their beliefs and values. Slapping some rainbows on products and calling it a day isn’t enough to represent support. From an article by Insider Intelligence, we learn that 8 percent of the nation’s disposable income is held by LGBT+ individuals (per Kearney report). Corey Chafin, author of the report, says that, “Just by doing something that has a façade of representation in advertising is good and important, but if it’s not backed up by authentic and lived values, they won’t support it.” With that being said, digital marketing campaigns that include more than just rainbow colors are noticed by audiences!

McDonald’s Shows Some McPride

McDonald’s, a known huge supporter of the LGBT+ community, has been showing support during Pride month through various channels. A new McDonald’s campaign titled Livin’ It has made its mark this month through various ads, sponsorships, and celebrations.

One way McDonald’s has been showing support is through a collaboration on Revry, an LGBT+ television network. This includes House of Pride through House of Pride, a daylong celebration with celebrity appearances, live music, and more. The brand even sent out PR packages to its Pride-community customers! McDonald’s is one of the fast food chains that actually released a campaign for Pride month, which is a great digital marketing effort.

Love is love, and we are proud to support those celebrating Pride month. Contact HBT Digital if you want us to create a high-converting digital marketing plan for your organization.

Marina Misitano
Marina Misitano is a content creator/blogger for HBT Digital. She is a recent graduate of Saint Francis University, located in Loretto, PA. She holds a Bachelor's degree in digital media and strategic communications.