Marketing the COVID-19 Vaccine

2021 was a year of hardships, devastation, and learning how to live in a new world due to the global pandemic. At HBT Digital, we are thankful for the success of the vaccination rollout.  As of June 2021, 149,667,646 Americans are vaccinated, or about 45.1 percent of our nation. Through a very serious last six months, we have seen that our nation is marketing the COVID-19 vaccine in some amusing, yet creative ways. Some states are even bribing people with cash! This vaccine will enable our country to unite again without hesitance. We are excited to share some of our favorite COVID-19 vaccine digital marketing campaigns.

“This is Our Shot” x John Legend and Walgreens 

Brands use celebrity endorsement in advertising and marketing to make products/services stand out. It’s also used to build trust in the product/service. Singer John Legend supports Walgreens as they push the vaccine in a new COVID-19 commercial titled “This is Our Shot.” In the ad shown on YouTube, Legend tells about the chance at reconnecting with loved ones and the world we used to know. The YouTube ad alone, posted by Walgreens, has nearly 23 thousand views. Walgreens also streamed the campaign across many other channels, including other social media platforms and its website.

Not only does Legend encourage the vaccine in this new campaign, but he also addresses the hesitancy among many Americans to get the shot. By bringing in a trusted partner, Walgreens was able to create a heartfelt campaign that many Americans can relate to. Missing out on visiting family, going to the barber shop, and even going to church are just a few of the examples shown in the ad of things we have missed out on over the last year and a half. Walgreens understands the mixed feelings about the vaccine. However, Legend makes us feel comfortable by saying that Walgreens will be ready when you’re ready.

Cash Incentives and Lotteries

Many states are taking the initiative to offer real money in exchange for getting the vaccine. Ohio is creating a $1 million lottery for five vaccinated adults to win. Ohio is offering a lottery for four years’ worth of scholarship for any college or university for those under 18. Statistics show that this campaign has caused the number of vaccine recipients to skyrocket just two days after the announcement! 

In addition to Ohio, Maryland is doing something similar. The state governor Larry Hogan announced that all you have to do is get your shot in order to be entered. Between May 23 and July 3, cash prizes will be dispersed daily. The $400,000 jackpot will be announced July 4!

Many other states, including New York, Oregon, Kentucky, California, Colorado, and Washington, are also doing lotteries to increase the number of vaccinations. Check to see if your state is offering a lottery here!

Flyers with “Take Your Shot”

Although we are Pittsburgh Penguins fans, we want to recognize the Philadelphia Flyers for putting forth great vaccine efforts in a vaccine campaign titled “Take Your Shot.” This campaign includes all of the most well-known Flyers icons, including mascot Gritty. The team even donated $10,000 to Physician Ala Stanford, founder of the Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium (BDCC). The BDCC used this money for vaccination site costs.

The number of daily social media users increases each year, and since digital media platforms are the hotspot of news consumption during a pandemic, a creative digital marketing campaign is definitely the way to go for your business. If you don’t have any good ideas for your campaign, just remember: everybody likes money!

Marina Misitano
Marina Misitano is a content creator/blogger for HBT Digital. She is a recent graduate of Saint Francis University, located in Loretto, PA. She holds a Bachelor's degree in digital media and strategic communications.